An Exclusive Mastermind Group for Principals
Leading schools that everyone can be proud of.

Transformative Principal empowers you to have the clarity, the courage, and the capacity to change your schools in ways that better serve your students.

1-1 Coaching on Demand

What you need, when you need it.

Transformative Coaching consists of coaching sessions with Jethro Jones when you need them, as you need them, to help you stay on track and tackle your biggest challenges.

Bi-Weekly Mastermind Group

Awesome Peer Support

The Transformative Mastermind is a facilitated weekly video mastermind session with 6-10 other growth-minded principals who provide support and accountability to each other on the way to their best school year ever

Sustained Leadership Development

Like a slow-cooker, not a microwave

The 12-month Transformative Principal Leadership Development plan is a personalized plan for principals to design a transformative school experience for students, teachers, parents - and themselves!
Tired of getting spurts of inspiration? This gives you continued support throughout the year.

Do you have the support you need to be an AMAZING Leader?

And yet, here you are. As a Principal, you’re expected to balance your growing demands on your time and attention, navigate a post-pandemic world, drive consistent results, and—in the midst of all of this—find time to invest in your own growth as a leader.How can you become the transformational leader you want to be when all you feel is overwhelmed and alone?The answer is... not by yourself.Whether you’ve been a principal for decades or for just a couple of years, if joining a group of principals who all support each other's goal of leading their respective schools to its best year ever sounds like a great idea, then you’re in the right place.It’s time to become a Transformative Principal.

Step 1


Apply and join our waiting list by filling out a quick questionnaire about yourself. New groups are launched quarterly.

Step 2


Connect with Jethro for a quick 15-20 minute alignment session to make sure TP is a good fit for you and you are a good fit for TP.

Step 3


Join 6-10 other growth-minded principals on the way to transforming their schools & making their city, district, and state proud.

Meet your Guide

Jethro Jones, Transformative Principal, all around swell guy.

For years, Jethro Jones struggled to turn around his school. In his first 2-3 years as Principal, he was constantly under pressure, overwhelmed, and stretched way too thin. After researching dozens of books about leadership, productivity, and goal setting, he developed a method of transformative leadership that propelled him to being recognized as the 2017 Digital Principal of the Year by the NASSP. He then turned his learnings into books, an award winning podcast, and an annual event for leaders just like you.Now, he's sharing his transformative leadership plans and his secret weapon, a mastermind group built specifically for principals with you. When you get access, you'll not only get access to the Transformative Principal mastermind group — you'll also get leadership develop plan, tools, and biweekly coaching calls that will have you prepared lead your school to its best year ever.

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